Make Some Memories this Winter

Make Some Memories this Winter

In the msnowglobeovie Citizen Kane, the snow-globe falling from Kane’s dying fingers and shattering on the stairs sets up cinema’s greatest metaphor for life unlived. It also reminds us of the power — and importance — of making memories!

Winter in the White Mountains is in full swing, so the time for making memories is now!

While the skiing is terrific this winter, we realize that not every winter-weather lover can be a pro on powder. Non-skiers in search of wintry pursuits will happily find a whole lot to love in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The state turns into an all-out snow-white wonderland with snowmobiles crisscrossing trails from Vermont to Maine. Plan your own snowmobile adventure using the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation Trails Bureau, or make it easy with a Woodwards/SledVentures package (SledVentures is located directly across the street from Woodwards.)

Loon Mountain offers snow tubing for those who want the thrill of a downhill descent — sans the skis or snowboard. And, at Loon, you can do your tube runs under the moonlight.

Skis and tubes, however, aren’t necessary for a near-peak experience on New Hampshire’s highest mountain, Mount Washington.  In fact, you need not even get cold. The Mount SnowCoach offers a comfortable winter tour to the sub-arctic world at treeline on Mount Washington. Upon reaching the top of the tour, passengers are invited to exit the SnowCoach for a few minutes to take photos of the breathtaking views overlooking the Great Gulf Wilderness and the Presidential mountain range.

If you want to add a bit more adventure to this trip, plan to snowshoe down the mountain rather than take the SnowCoach back down.

Don’t wait. Plan your memory-making trip to Woodwards Resort & Inn and the White Mountains…before it’s too late 😉


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