Explore the waterfalls of Lincoln


Flume Gorge LodgingThe White Mountains boasts more than 100 waterfalls, some visible from the road, and others that may require a hike. There are many in Lincoln, and we think the best in the state include Franconia Falls, Georgian Falls, and Avalanche Falls!

Franconia Falls is located at the end of one of the flattest long-distance strolls in the White Mountains. The lack of elevation gain makes the Franconia Falls hike a favorite for families. Not to mention that it has two natural waterslides when the brook is running low enough. The falls can be easily accessed year-round, either by foot, mountain bike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski. Franconia Falls has sunny slabs of rock, swimming pools that widely vary in size, depth and current, and the possibilities of roving around the falls for hours of refreshing pleasure.

Many visitors that go to Georgiana Falls only reach the lower half of this waterfall. The lower falls consist of a 30-foot high set of cascades spread across a 20-foot wide ledge. At the base of this waterfall is a deep, dark pool. At the falls there is a very spacious ledge for sunbathing and picnicking. Although this waterfall is regularly visited, you can still find a spot to claim as your own at this highly photogenic, delightful spot.

Avalanche Falls is the crown jewel of Flume Gorge. The location pretty much can’t be beaten. After making your way up the walkway in Flume Gorge, you will pass by the base of this waterfall. The base of the falls is no more than 10 feet away when you walk past.

What are you waiting for? Go explore these breathtaking waterfalls.. and don’t forget your camera!

Waterfalls in Lincoln


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